Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 8:00am

YPN 2019 Conference

It’s back! After its debut in 2018, the YP Summit is returning for another year of professional development for young professionals (YPs), ages 21-39, in the South Bend – Elkhart region. Presented by YPN South Bend, the Summit gathers YPs together to learn, connect and have some fun along the way.

Last year saw 350 YPs attend. This year, the conference is extended to a full day to allow more opportunities for YPs to engage with one another while offering additional content. The conference will deliver important material to build one’s personal and professional portfolio. Gain tools to help you in your job while connecting with other YPs.

Created, planned and executed by YPs for YPs, this year’s content has been developed by a team of YPs from the region dedicated to providing sound content delivered by thought leaders and advisors in key areas. The topics selected for this year’s conference were determined based on data gathered from surveys to our YPs.

This year’s conference kicks off with the ever-popular Big Talk, so YPs get to know each other a bit better from the start. In-between, YPs will gather at breakout sessions and hear about cool stuff being done by your peers. This year also features a fantastic keynote by Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, an organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach, speaking on the topic of office politics and work experience. The day wraps up with a networking reception, full of music, food, drink and fun!