Building Features

Inspired by the water that rushes by, Century Center is alive with excitement. Designed by noted architects Phillip Johnson and John Burgee, its unique features are evident everywhere: from the three-story Great Hall window to the skylight-covered walkways that guide you to your meeting destination.

At Century Center, meeting participants enjoy the privacy and convenience of rooms that are carefully panned, funished and equipped. There is flexibility to accommodate gatherings of all sizes, from small sessions to conventions with 2,000 delegates. In addition to the outstanding meeting and event spaces, the Century Center also features two theaters: the 694-seat Bendix Theater and the smaller, 166-seat Recital Hall. Both theaters are perfect for presentations, ceremonies, product launches and live entertainment.

The Great Hall is the pivot of design. Given northern Indiana's climate, it is roofed; given the building's configuration, it is triangular. It serves as the reception area for all of the buildings. Because it is a special place, it is architecturally distinguished from the other buildings and features a different scale. While all the other buildings are constructed in solid brick, the Great Hall is sheathed in metal and glass, and features colossal order or white columns. The stunning full glass wall looks directly onto the river where an old floodgate stirs up water and a waterfall adds visual drama.

The building also uses Solar Panels, LED lighting, and HVAC automation. To read more about our sustainability efforts, click here.


Interesting Facts about the Building

  • There are a total of 1.2 million bricks in Century Center. Laying the bricks end-to-end, the bricks could create a line that's 153 miles long. That's enough bricks to connect South Bend with Indianapolis!
  • Century Center has 43,000 square feet of glass--that means that 286 houses could have a picture window 10'x15' in their living room.
  • It required 1,450 tons of steel to contruct Century Center. A Boeing 727 Class A Jet weighs 49 tons when empty. That means there is enough steel in Century Center to build 29 Boeing 727 jets.
  • Century Center does not run on property tax dollars to operate and hasn't since 1986. All of Century Center's expenses are paid through event revenue and funds received through hotel room tax from St. Joseph County hotels and motels.
  • South Bend is located on the North-South continental divide, and the river flows northwest into lake michigan. The downtown area is located in the north-central part of the city along the Saint Joseph River. Notre Dame, Indiana, is directly adjacent to the north.