South Bend Climate and Weather

Located in the heart of the Midwest, South Bend has the rare opportunity to experience all four seasons in their entirety. Much of the climate is influenced by the city's close proximity to Lake Michigan. According to the climate comfort index, South Bend has a higher comfort level than the U.S. average in terms of humidity during the warmer months. With that said, each season features an arsenal of recreational and leisure activities to experience each and every season to the fullest extent.



No one does fall quite like South Bend. With a shockingly gorgeous display of splendid autumn colors embracing the crisp air, visitors can often hear the cheers of Notre Dame football in the background. After all, football and fall do go hand-in-hand. Autumn is an exceptionally pleasant season in South Bend with temperatures in the 70's and 60's and very low precipitation.



South Bend is graced by the presence of lake effect snow due to its nearness to Lake Michigan. The result is frequent snow fall in quick accumulations, much to the delight of winter enthusiasts who indulge in many of the area's recreational activities such as snow shoeing, cross country skiing, tubing and ice skating. The snowy season is from November through March with an average of almost 82 inches per year. The chilliest month is typically January with an average of 23 degrees Fahrenheit.



As with any Midwestern state, spring is a breath of fresh air after a chilly winter, and Indiana is no exception. Spring is the season when anything can happen in South Bend! With the earlier months experiencing the occasional snow fall, temperatures typically warm up through mid-April to reach 50's and 60's. Sunshine is a frequent occurrence and always a welcomed one!



Summer is a season that is truly worth looking forward to in South Bend. Average temperatures vary between 70's and 80's and sunshine is plentiful! With a beautiful river and Lake Michigan being a quick 30-minute drive, there is much to do out on the water.